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Pool Cleaning in Mesa

Algae treatment and stain removal are two of the top pool cleaning services in Mesa that you'll get when you use Shine Pools. Regular chemical balancing with pool cleaning are just two ways to keep your pool clean and safe.

Pool Repair in Mesa

We are the industry leaders in identifying and fixing leaks in the plumbing, equipment, and the pool structure. ​Call us when you're looking for a pool repair in Mesa. We can diagnose and repair broken pool pumps and motors, so you'll have efficient water circulation in your pool.

Pool Maintenance in Mesa

Shine Pools can even address the wear and tear your pool goes through. Our pool maintenance in Mesa Services includes resurfacing with durable and appealing pebble, fiberglass and plaster finishes. 

Pool Chemicals in Mesa

We are dedicated to all the details necessary to keep your pool clean and safe. That includes pool chemicals in Mesa, like pH balancers and sanitizers. The algaecides in our inventory are specifically designed to kill algae growth in the water. Let us look after all the details, including specialized chemicals for cleaning the water line and tile.

Pool Supply in Mesa

Supplying the right supplies for your pool, like lights and electrical components, is essential. We can offer other parts and accessories, including solar covers that retain heat. 

Pool Equipment in Mesa

Our services wouldn't be complete unless we offered the finest pool equipment in Mesa. Equipment upgrades are just one possibility that we supply. These boost efficiency and safety and enhance the enjoyment of your investment. ​Ask about our UV sanitation systems in ozone generators and covers for the winter. Shine Pools is incredibly proud of the automatic pool cleaners we have. These come with various features, including a suction side, pressure side, and robotic options.​ We also have an outstanding selection of pumps, including variable speed, dual speed, and single speed choices. ​Check out the testimonials on our website from happy customers. They've used our services and found they exceeded expectations. Getting a quote for any of our services is easy. All you need to do is book an appointment today or use the convenient tab on our website. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us:

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