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Arizona Pool Cleaning

Our professional technicians will make a visit to your house each week and take care of your pool for you. We brush the sides of the pool, skim debris, empty baskets, and balance chemicals. And because we replace and repair pool equipment, Shine Pools takes all the worry out of pool care. We understand your needs and will work with you to make sure you receive the best pool care for your specific pool.

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Have Piece of Mind

At Shine Pools, we know how important it is to have a clean pool that is ready at any time for friends and family to swim in. Contact us today for a free visit and quote. We’re here to answer any of your pool care questions and get you back to enjoying your pool.

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About Us

Shine Pools is dedicated to offering the very best East Valley pool service and repair serving the Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa areas. We are a locally owned business with qualified pool technicians who show up on time and treat your pool as if it’s their own.

About Us
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Premium Pool Cleaning

These traditional swimming pool cleanings are typically performed weekly. Our full pool cleaning includes, netting, complete wall brushing, vacuuming, tile cleaning, basket cleaning, pool filter cleaning, and checking the chemicals. Custom programs are available such as one-time cleaning for our chemical clients and multiple trips per week for clients in heavy debris area during certain times of the year.


At Shine Pools, we offer 2 different types of pool chemical services depending on what type of pool you have. Our Conventional Chemical Service is for traditional pools and our Salt Chemical Service is pools where there is a customer-owned salt chlorine generator. The chemical only service requires the homeowner to clean the pool regularly.

Pool Repair

Our repair technicians fix or replace all brands of pool equipment. We offer new energy efficient motors that meet Energy Efficiency Codes, as well as a host of products designed to reduce your energy bill and provide you with excellent results. We warrant the equipment work for one year, - one call resolves your issue.

Happy Customers

Terrance did an amazing job taking over our pool from us having to do it in the past! What a relief not to have to worry about it and to have qualified people to take care of it for you.


Our past pool cleaning company would come to the house, stay parked in their car, then leave after 10 minutes of sitting out there. That's the level of service that's out there. Now Shine Pools gives us ACTUAL customer service!



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