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Shine Pools is proud to be an industry leader when it comes to pool repair in Phoenix, AZ. We are happy to repair all different brands of pool equipment. Some of our specialties include offering new energy-efficient motors that meet energy-efficient codes.  

The Features and Process

Shine Pools offers industry-leading features and our process and looks after all of the details for you. Here are just some of the different options that you have to enjoy a clean, healthy pool environment.

Identifying And Repairing Leaks or Damage

Let our technicians inspect your entire pool structure including the floors, tiles and walls for visible signs of leaks chips or cracks. At Shine Pools, we are dedicated to offering all of our clients the very best East Valley Pool Service that includes repairs.


PShine Pools is happy to offer cartridge filter cleaning and replacement too. We are pleased  to remove, clean and reinstall any existing cartridges and replace the ones that need to be changed out because of damage.

Heater Replacement and Repair

Making sure that you have clean pool water that's always at a comfortable temperature is one of our priorities. Our certified technicians utilize all of the latest equipment and diagnostic tools. Don't forget to ask about our deck repair service, which includes resurfacing and repairing. It's important to us to address any aesthetic and safety hazards.

Those are just a few of the pool repair in Phoenix, AZ services, that we offer. Get in touch with us to learn more about the different range of potential issues we can cover to ensure that your pool remains clean, safe and enjoyable.

Sliding into Pool



Contact us for a free estimates

on everything pool related.

Top of the list is the fact we have experience in the industry in repairing and diagnosing an extensive selection of different pool issues.  


Shine Pools is fast and reliable, and we also have a customer-centric approach. Our priority is always looking after our customers and that dedication to quality service includes personalized service plans.


Our comprehensive Phoenix services can look after all of your needs and our priority is always customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us today and we'll help you get your pool into perfect shape. 

There are several reasons why you should choose us to look after all of your pool repairs in Phoenix, AZ.

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