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Terms of Service

Shine Pool Cleaning will begin servicing the pool once an agreement is read and
signed by the customer(s).

1. Cleanup Fee: The pool needs to be in good condition when service is established.
Otherwise, a one-time cleanup fee of $100.00 may be assessed.

2. Service Termination: In the event of service termination, either by the customer or
Shine Pool Cleaning, a 30-day notice (email, text, handwritten, or phone call)
will be required. Any remaining balance will be paid when notice is received.

3. Vacation or Time Off: Service rates are based on four weeks per month, making a 48-
week year. The additional four weeks a year may be used for vacation and or sick leave
periods. Traditionally, two of the weeks are for Thanksgiving and Christmas. A one month notice is given for the remaining two weeks, if possible. However, both of those
weeks are not always taken.

4. Inclement Weather: During adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, lightning,
heavy winds, dust storms etc., Shine Pool Cleaning has the option to perform
an abbreviated service (check chemicals and empty baskets) to ensure physical safety
for the pool technician and the smooth operation of homeowner’s pool until the next
service week.

5. Access: Please provide safe access to the pool and filter areas. If these areas are not
accessible because of locked gates, blocked gates, blocked passageways, unfriendly
dogs, work or construction, then pool service may not be performed that day and no
credit will be given.

6. Additional Care: Shine Pool Cleaning is not responsible for water levels or
conditions outside our control, i.e. filter times, extreme pool usage, excessively high
water temperatures (from heater, covers, or solar systems).
SHINE POOL CLEANING ||  605 W Knox Rd || Ste 210, Tempe, AZ 85284

7. Pool Covers: If you use pool covers or solar heating systems during the cooler months, it
is your responsibility to remove before the pool is serviced each week (day of service is
fine). If said items are in/on the pool on a service day, Misplaced Surfer will not remove
covers or panels but will clean pool debris around them.

8. Cleaning Equipment: All cleaning equipment used by Shine Pools is professional
grade to ensure proper protection of your pool. Therefore, we accept no responsibility
for changes in plaster due to staining, salt water systems, cracking, or normal wear.

9. Repairs: Shine Pools will only replace broken or worn out equipment once you
have authorized it. There will never be an unexpected or surprise charge ever!

10. Water Test: Water will be tested for calcium hardness and conditioner every spring
(usually March and April) to determine if additional chemicals are needed to balance the

11. Safety: Please be mindful to eliminate all dangerous and potentially hazardous
situations that might inflict harm on a Shine Pools Technician. Aggressive dogs
and/or farm animals must be confined. By law, statutes A.R.S. 11-1025 through 11-
1027, require all animal bites be reported to animal care and control. In the event of an
altercation with a volatile animal, the technician has the right to defend himself/herself
from bodily harm. Shine Pools will immediately notify the dog/animal owner if an
attack or bite occurs.

12. Payment: Please indicate your preferred method and time of payment.

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