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Shine Pools has professional technicians on staff that will make sure your pool chemicals in Phoenix, Az, are balanced so you can enjoy your backyard oasis. 


We're happy to offer two different types of service depending on your pool. Our conventional chemical service covers the traditional variety. If you have a custom-owned salt chlorine generator, we can offer our salt chemical service. 

Making sure that your pool has just the right level of chemicals makes it free from bacteria and germs that can cause infections. Keeping those chemicals in just the right balance requires skill and expertise. 

Here are a few of the things that you can expect from our conventional chemical service.


  • We always like to suggest our value customers get weekly visits to maintain the proper balance of the water in your pool. That makes sure that it's clean for swimming and safe.

  • Adjusting the levels of pH chlorine and other necessary ingredients is another part of this service. That helps to make sure the pool environment is sanitary and free from algae.


Shine Pools has a specific chemical service for saltwater pools. We can look after this type of pool to ensure the water remains clean and safe.


 These pools need to be tested for free chlorine levels and pH once a week, and we can look after that for you. Another part of our comprehensive service is looking out for your salt cell to keep it running smoothly.




Let us look after all of the details for you including the circulation in the water. Saltwater concentrations can cause damage to the sides of your pool if there are poorly circulating pockets in the water. 


There's no need to worry about pool chemicals in Phoenix, Az when you use our service. Please take a look through our customer testimonials to see how we exceed expectations for our valued clientele. You can book an appointment today simply by calling the number on our website. Or, click the tab for a free quote, and your pool will love you back.

Sliding into Pool



Contact us for a free estimates

on everything pool related.

Don't forget to ask about the comprehensive and thorough service checklist we use for each project. It's our way of making sure that each maintenance visit gets done right the first time around.


There are no hidden fees when you use our services, and we pride ourselves on transparent pricing.


Our dedication to quality includes consistent and reliable service visits that respect your schedule and time. Shine Pools is committed to providing industry-leading customer service that includes user-friendly communication channels and prompt responses to concerns and inquiries.

We have the expertise and qualifications that you're looking for.  Everyone who works for us is well-versed in all of the latest standards and pool care techniques that'll make a difference.

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