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Cleaning the Pool

Pool Cleaning in Phoenix, Az

Let us help you with a high-quality pool cleaning in Phoenix, AZ service. Why not let our qualified pool technicians, who show up and get the job done right the first time, clean your pool?

The Features and Process

You'll get the most from weekly traditional pool cleanings that include checking all the chemicals, filter cleaning, basket and tile cleaning, and complete wall brushing and vacuuming. This comprehensive service also includes netting, and we are happy to customize our pool cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, to meet your needs.

We know how important it is to ensure that your pool is ready for family and friends, which means the water is clean. This service looks after all of the details for you, including those listed below.

Vacuuming The Pool Floor

We are professional pool cleaners with the equipment and experience to clean the pool floor. Give us a call so we can get rid of all of the algae, dirt, and debris.

Seasonal Services

Shine Pools is happy to supply seasonal services, including opening and closing your pool at the right time. We're the professionals who can help open it when you're ready to start the swimming season and close it down for the winter. That includes winterizing the plumbing covering the pool and ensuring the chemical balance is in perfect shape to prevent algae growth.

A Few Other Options  

A  few of the other services we supply include inspecting and maintaining pool equipment and skimming surface debris.

The Benefits Of Our Pool Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ Service

Using our pool cleaning service has many benefits, including preventing bacteria and algae growth.  


Please take a few minutes to review the client testimonials on our website and see how a pool's life span can be extended with regular maintenance.  


Why not save the time and effort needed to clean your pool and let us do the job?  That way, you'll enjoy peace of mind and outdoor activities with friends and family.


We are the industry leader when it comes to pool cleaning in Phoenix, AZ.  Ask about a routine maintenance schedule or customized program like a one-time cleaning. Getting a quote is as easy as clicking on the convenient tab on our website. 

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