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Pool Cleaning in Tempe

Shine Pools will look after your pool for you with this service. We would like to suggest that you have your pool cleaned weekly.


Our full service includes complete wall brushing, tile cleaning and vacuuming, as well as other features. 

Get a quote for pool cleaning in Tempe today.

Pool Chemicals in Tempe

We offer a range of products and services that will help with the chemical maintenance of your swimming pool. Hygiene, water clarity and safety are essential.

Please choose between the two types of pool chemicals in our temp services. One is perfect for traditional pools, and the other keeps saltwater pristine.

Get a quote for either one of these services today simply by using the tab on our website.

Pool Repair in Tempe

We also offer outstanding pool repair in Tempe service that includes new energy-efficient motors.


Don't forget to ask about the host of other products we have and the industry-leading warranty on the equipment.

Pool Supply in Tempe

Shine Pools wants you to have everything you need to enjoy your pool, including pool supply in Tempe products and services. Look through our various accessories and cleaning tools, including hoses and vacuum heads, pool brushes and skimmers.

 Pool covers and pool liners, including ones that are perfect for the winter and solar-powered options, protect your water in different conditions and seasons.

Don't forget to look through our inground and above-ground pool liners, which have different designs and materials.

Pool Maintenance in Tempe

Shine Pools wants to ensure your pool is clean, safe and functioning correctly.


That's why we suggest pool maintenance in Tempe that includes vacuuming and brushing as well as filter maintenance and system checks. Don't forget to ask about our deck maintenance service that ensures your pool deck looks great and is safe.

Pool Equipment in Tempe

Another category our clients rave about is pool equipment in Tempe. Here's where you will find industry-leading heaters, filters, and pumps, as well as accessories and replacement parts.

We carry an excellent variety of pool pumps, heating systems and automatic pool cleaners for you to look through.


Don't forget to ask about the pool control systems that can be managed remotely.


Pool Cleaning in Chandler

Shine Pools wants to look after your pool cleaning in Chandler needs for you,  which means supplying essential chemicals like chlorine and algaecides, pH balancers, and shock treatments.

 We also look after important features like filter cleaning and maintenance. We will inspect, clean, and or replace any filters so your water stays clear and healthy.

Pool Chemicals in Chandler

You found the right place if you're looking for a wide selection of chemical products and related services.


Shine Pools is also happy to offer customized chemical plans based on your pool's specific usage patterns and characteristics.

Pool Repair in Chandler

We are a pool repair in Chandler service that wants to be there when you need us and do the job right the first time.


That means we will look after various services, including leak detection and repair. Shine Pools will also inspect the pool liner, plumbing and do valve repairs.

Pool Supply in Chandler

Water testing kits and services are another way we look after your investment in your pool. Our pool supply in Chandler offers installation on certain equipment, safety features and accessories.

Contact us today so we can provide some excellent advice on equipment selection and maintenance. Don't forget to ask about our installation services on pool liners, lighting and decor.

We are proud of our lineup of safety equipment, including alarms, safety covers and fencing.

Pool Maintenance in Chandler

Regular cleaning and skimming are just a part of the pool maintenance in Chandler that we suggest.

Shine Pools will look after all the details, including pumping strainer baskets so your water stays clear. Ask us about this  service and how we will brush the steps, floor and pool walls so there's no algae buildup.

Pool Equipment in Chandler 

Liners are just one of the essential items we list under our pool equipment in Chandler banner.


Shine Pools is proud to offer an excellent variety of equipment, including industry-leading pumps and pool filters.


Our priority is to supply you with everything you need for your swimming pool's enjoyment, safety, and maintenance. 


Pool Cleaning in Gilbert

Many pool owners are busy people without time to properly look after their backyard investments.


It's important to remember that a pool cleaning service like ours understands and has knowledge of filtration systems and water chemistry cleaning techniques.


These are all essential to ensure your pool remains safe and clean. Let us help you by taking over a variety of chores, including vacuuming the bottom of your pool to clear way sediment. 


We will even look after brushing the walls and steps down so there's no algae buildup.

Pool Chemicals in  Gilbert

Shine Pools is proud to offer two different types of excellent pool chemicals in Gilbert services, including one that’s right for you.


Don't forget our conventional chemical service is dedicated to ensuring your water stays safe and clean.


The same can be said for the salt chemical service, where we factor in customers with salt chlorine generators.

Pool Repair in  Gilbert

Our technicians are more than happy to repair all the pool equipment brands. Don't forget to ask about some of the industry-leading energy-efficient motors we sell.


There are a host of other products in our inventory designed to reduce energy bills and provide outstanding results.

Shine Pools is the number one choice if you're looking for outstanding pool repair in Gilbert.

Pool Supply in Gilbert

Shine Pool is committed to providing high-quality services and a range of options for pool supply in Gilbert. 

 Parts for your pool and Hardware so it runs efficiently are at the top of our pool supply list.

That includes various manual brushes, pool hoses, and vacuums, to name just a few.

Pool Maintenance in  Gilbert

We are a reputable company with a proven track record of supplying customer satisfaction. That includes pool maintenance in Gilbert.

Ask about the seasonal opening and closing services that we provide. 

Pool Equipment in Gilbert

Whether our clients are looking for pumps and filters or skimmer baskets and replacement parts, we offer a complete inventory.


Shine Pools is well known for its high-quality products that are both reliable and durable. Let us help you save money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent replacements and repairs.

Our inventory of pool equipment in Gilbert meets the highest safety standards and regulations. 


Contact us today to learn more about our innovations like energy-efficient pool pumps and advanced filtration systems. 


Pool Cleaning in Mesa

Algae treatment and stain removal are two of the top pool cleaning services in Mesa that you'll get when you use Shine Pools.


Regular chemical balancing with pool cleaning are just two ways to keep your pool clean and safe.

Pool Chemicals in Mesa

We are dedicated to all the details necessary to keep your pool clean and safe. That includes pool chemicals in Mesa, like pH balancers and sanitizers. 


The algaecides in our inventory are specifically designed to kill algae growth in the water.


Let us look after all the details, including specialized chemicals for cleaning the water line and tile.

Pool Repair in Mesa

We are the industry leaders in identifying and fixing leaks in the plumbing, equipment, and the pool structure. 

Call us when you're looking for a pool repair in Mesa. We can diagnose and repair broken pool pumps and motors, so you'll have efficient water circulation in your pool.

Pool Supply in Mesa

Supplying the right supplies for your pool, like lights and electrical components, is essential.


We can offer other parts and accessories, including solar covers that retain heat. 

Pool Maintenance in Mesa

Shine Pools can even address the wear and tear your pool goes through.


Our pool maintenance in Mesa Services includes resurfacing with durable and appealing pebble, fibreglass and plaster finishes. 

Pool Equipment in Mesa

Our services wouldn't be complete unless we offered the finest pool equipment in Mesa. Equipment upgrades are just one possibility that we supply. These boost efficiency and safety and enhance the enjoyment of your investment. 

 Ask about our UV sanitation systems in ozone generators and covers for the winter. Shine Pools is incredibly proud of the automatic pool cleaners we have. 


These come with various features, including a suction side, pressure side, and robotic options.

We also have an outstanding selection of pumps, including variable speed, dual speed, and single speed choices. 

Check out the testimonials on our website from happy customers. They've used our services and found they exceeded expectations.


Getting a quote for any of our services is easy. All you need to do is book an appointment today or use the convenient tab on our website. 

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